I am a marketer, consultant and business development professional who in 2007, woke up to the life I was living and began seeking. I discovered ‘faith’ and began a journey which took me to new places.

My journey led me into relationship with Jesus the Christ and a desire to pursue ministry. I traveled through Seminary and became ordained. It is in this journey where I have come to embrace that we are all equal, made by the one Creator who sits back in completing their masterpieces and says….”it is good.”

I also understand that this life we are given comes with the responsibility to love – to accept – to help – to live and to do so authentically and boldly.

walking each other home

I am now learning yet again, new things. Recently I completed a certification, designating me as a Social Media Professional. Although I have been online, with a piecemeal blog since 2012, a LinkedIn presence since 2004 (I was a beta tester), Facebook, Twitter user and have dabbled in SEM, SEO, PPC and ProShow, slideshare, prezi, issu, and youtube; I am far from being a professional!

However, right now I am interested in the intersection of social media and  marketing automation and how that is being used in church communities. In my region (of my denomination), from what I can see most are not leveraging today’s technologies to reach their members and communities.

As inexpensive it is but daunting, perhaps we can wade into these waters together. By blogging about social media and its importance for church communities to use while sharing information about how to use it, perhaps we both improve our knowledge and use of social media? Who knows maybe, if I am lucky, I can provide a little help along the way in their quest to reach more of their communities?

I am not a guru. There are people much more equipped than I today but perhaps in my sharing with others we both learn. At least I hope so.

Perhaps it is in this new way forward where all that has led me along this route will make new? For right now I am living the process and remaining open to new discovery. I am highly creative and deeply inquisitive. I like to create, innovate and collaborate. As an introvert I do well for hours in my own head but as a team-oriented, results-driven instigator I like to work together, to solve problems and grow.

If you have a subject you would like me to investigate that could help you in your desire to understand and leverage social media and online strategies let me know. Peace.

NOTE: This blog is the free version of wordpress. Yes, I am that cheap. Sadly since I am learning and dabbling here I am not open to paying for some of the functionality inherent to a ‘paid subscription’ could offer. So, this means, as I write about things important to do, I myself may not be doing them. Such is the world of sharing freely. Please excuse me. Thank you.



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