The Road Less Traveled


As some of you know Scott (my hubby) and I are selling our home, moving into our RV and plan on kicking it for some time. We are retiring (at least from one way of life toward another…)

At first we will venture southeast to Shaver Lake where we will be campground hosts (check out: Camp Edison. We’re hosts of area 10a) while we enter a time of prayer, study and reflection.

“Our hope is for God to speak into where we find ourselves.”

We ask for your prayers including prayers that we are at peace with what we have chosen and when we have chosen it…. (Oh the restlessness associated with trading one way of life for another while leaving behind the comfort of a home, a job, friends and family) and wisdom. Yes. Please prayer for wisdom. Wisdom to see and act upon that which God longs for.

So far, here are the possibilities we are kicking the tires on:

1) Traveling from here to there to help where help is needed. Perhaps it is OK where a tornado hits or MI where families need clean water. Who knows… Go where we can when we can because we can.

2) Blogging!

  • simple and frugal living with the purpose of lowering our carbon footprint while joining the ‘tiny’ revolution, (our RV is 24 feet with an add-on screen room. It will be us, 2 dogs and 1 cat….cozy, am I right?)
  • spiritual awakenings and theological discoveries while on the road, (nature speaks to me, I am sure some of this will make its way to my blog. Likely not very good but nevertheless it will be faithful to my journey.)
  • information and resources around social media, marketing and strategic management as it pertains to church (can’t help it, I have a strange mind. I like to read a lot of things and things inspire things to share. Hopefully of use to any one who reads it).

3) Provide sacred space and prayer for travelers we meet. We envision being available to who God sends our way. We cannot explain it but we get a sense there are people on the road feeling the weight of life on their shoulders. Truth is as we all know, we take ourselves and our circumstances with us everywhere we go and for some of us that is a lot to carry. Perhaps, with God’s guidance, we will be blessed to be a blessing. Maybe.

Of course, all this is in its infancy stage awaiting …God’.


In all, we’re taking off and opening ourselves to discover what’s on the other side. We ask for your prayers and any words of wisdom that arise. We’re open to your ideas too. Blow them past us. We are a blank slate doing something we have never done before and are open to the adventure that awaits.

I imagine our connection to you all through Facebook, twitter, through blogging and such will increase in its value to us. The further we move away from all the things we have come to rely, I imagine our virtual connections will be a source to us.

We will continue to hold your ministries and lives in our prayers and who knows maybe we’ll roll up beside you someday. God willing.

We leave May 7.


About Rev Hope

Marketer, Consultant, Minister and Chaplain See also: - a online resume', story of my personal and professional life.
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