500 and counting


That is how many people attended the online webinar that discussed, “Social Media to Grow Your Church fast”.

More than 500 from all across the countryfrom all sorts of churches, big and small.

The facilitator, Alejandro, was overwhelmed by the response. He couldn’t keep up with the number of participants signing in and the number of questions he was receiving. The organization sponsoring the webinar had been getting requests for help about how best to use Social Media so they decided to put together a webinar to begin sharing knowledge.

Roughly 80% of those participating stated they currently use Facebook for their church communities. When asked about their use, nearly 100% stated their use was sporadic and mostly relied on posting announcements.

“What’s possible is Social Media starts talking for you when you talk about you.”

Time and Consistency

A walk away point drilled in again and again was to make sure your church gives social media the time to build a following and that it is consistent. One of the worst things to do is to start posting some things and then give up or stop posting as often. Whether people click through or not they grow to expect you on their feeds. Whether they comment or attend, they prefer your presence than have you fall silent. Time and consistency become the foundation to build your brand.

Social Channels

The channels discussed included: eMail (as a marketing strategy), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope

The suggestion was to master 1 or 2 and then add the additional channels once you’ve got your feet wet. Some questioned the amount of time needed to be effective. It was stated to develop a communication plan where the communications and things shared are integrated and complimentary to other weekly, monthly communications already underway. This is something blogged about before. For more detail see:  listening plan.

Quick Tips

Of the things shared during this webinar here is a list of 6 quick tips:

  1. Post 1 to 2 times per day, every day (minimum).
  2. There is a 39% increase in attention given if what is posted has an image.
  3. When posting on Facebook, keep post to 80 characters or less (Twitter has limit to 140) to get more engagement. If need more use 80 character as a teaser with linking to more content.
  4. Ask questions, post scripture, quotes that compliment message – seek ‘engagement
  5. All week, every week Pastors work to write a great message. In it is great content. Don’t hide it or hold it just Sunday’s Sermon, leverage it to drive interest and traction.
  6. Organic reach (those who ‘like’ you) is easily 4-16% non-paid. The more activity your page has the more people will see and as we have already said in another post…..

On social media friends beget friends and so on and so forth.

Based on the response and the flood of questions gathered, I got to thinking….


What questions might you all have? What of the social media channels mentioned here do you use and how? Do you feel equipped to leverage social media or would you like me to continue writing about it?

Love extravagantly,



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