Rising Tall

Grass-&-BladeI watched a blade of grass this morning.

I had taken my dog for his morning walk and stepped into a grassy area he likes to go. When I turned I looked down and saw my foot had trampled the grass below. Knocking it I crushed both its spirit and its notion of what is.

As I stood there waiting for my dog to get done, I watched  after it received its blow. Soon in time, I noticed it slowly and… ever so carefully began to unfold. Slow at first but gaining momentum as it rose. Moment by moment it rose upon itself.

Although a little crooked now, having been crushed by the weight of its world, I swear it stood taller then it did before; maybe not as straight as it once did but certainly taller.


About Rev Hope

Marketer, Consultant, Minister and Chaplain See also: hopeattenhofer.com - a online resume', story of my personal and professional life.
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3 Responses to Rising Tall

  1. Tokoni O. Uti says:

    May we all stand taller. So much we can learn from the most unusual places.

  2. faithin2action says:

    And it is so

  3. Tokoni O. Uti says:


    Hey i hope you don’t mind but i’d like to invite you to my blog at http://www.insanitybeautiful.wordpress.com

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