Surely … not me


The problem with the homeless, as I see it, is they are a mirror into a truth and reality we don’t want to see.

The truth they live interferes with the illusion we live. While they struggle to survive the streets, on life’s terms, we dupe ourselves into believing it can never happen to us,  that we’re in control …..

Surely….it can’t be me I see rifling through the garbage

…..looking for something to eat.

Surely….you’d never catch me squatting in the corner

…..peeing on a city street.

Surely…. I would never allow another

… peak or cop a feel for a dollar or maybe a safe place to sleep.

Surely ….not me. Maybe them but surely …not me.





About Rev Hope

Marketer, Consultant, Minister and Chaplain See also: - a online resume', story of my personal and professional life.
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1 Response to Surely … not me

  1. “There but by the grace go I. ” There should be no shame in being homeless, but shame in refusing to help those that are the least of us. Of course, not all those that are homeless want help, or are willing to deal with the issues that put them on the streets, that is their choice, and they will suffer the consequences. For those that do want and needhelp, all of us should put out our hands and do what we can to lift them up.

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