27 million and growing…


  • 72% of those trafficked within our city streets have been homeless in their lives.
  • Within 48 hours traffickers connect with homeless youth; grooming and capturing them into slavery.
  • It is estimated that 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT+; and are on the streets because they are rejected, not accepted or down right hated by their families and friends.
  • 74% of the trafficked prostitutes come from Foster Home system.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize we have created systemic oppression here. A cycle of crime and assault directed towards a minority few who have no voice. Perhaps they are the throw away segment of our society? Perhaps those perpetrators standing in the back alleys and dark crevices; lurking and waiting for their next victim to go by already knows the time they will spend (if arrested and convicted) is less than they would for dealing drugs….

They already know the availability of inventory is easier to get than the pounds, grams or ounces… after all, the average cost of a slave today is $90.00 cheaper, I hear, than a gram of cocaine? Cheaper than a dog too.

The question remains though…is this the kind of world we want to live in? The average age for a trafficked girl is 13 years and I have read boys at the most risk are 11 years old. These are children; some as young as 4. This is the fastest growing crime today. Who are we becoming?

Many of us are quick to say, “This doesn’t happen here, not in my neighborhood.” This is sadly misinformed; flat out wrong. If we look for it we see it everywhere in every city and neighborhood.

It struck my family, it can strike yours. No one is immune. No one.

Get informed!


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Marketer, Consultant, Minister and Chaplain See also: hopeattenhofer.com - a online resume', story of my personal and professional life.
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