Artist: Cassell 1989

This past August I went for a mammogram.  Something I had been putting off for a while. The last mammogram I had was 6 years ago.

About 5 days later I got a call. I was sitting in a clinic waiting for some occupational health check-ups when my phone rang.  I was told to go to the Breast Center. They said there was something wrong. Nothing to worry about necessarily but something that needed to be looked at closely. My appointment was made for the next Monday.

Monday came and they began with more mammograms and then an ultrasound. There was definitely something there. They showed me the picture of it and then went in with a needle, something they call, ‘aspiration.’ Then they took some more mammogram pictures. All the while, as the tests mounted and the time clicked by, other women came and went. I was still there. Finally the radiologist came out and said….

“You need to go see a surgeon. They will call you to schedule a breast biopsy. There are micro-calcifications that are not layering as they should. There is a cluster of them and they are not behaving right. I am sorry but you need to go.”

Time stopped.

It was like the sun not setting on my way to Gibeon. You remember Gibeon don’t you? That is the place Joshua went to, to fulfill the promise he made – a promise he agreed to without God’s guidance. He was there to fight another’s enemies.

While he was there he stopped and prayed. God not only forgave Joshua for making that promise with another but blessed him by stopping time. For a whole full day, God made the sun stand still. As much as that sun lingered there, time stood still and my mind lost pace with the world around me. I couldn’t hear anything outside my own head and I couldn’t understand or keep pace with my own thoughts.

But now, looking at it…. from the vantage of time gone by…I wonder…Joshua who had made an agreement with someone he was not supposed to, found himself in a battle he did not want. For him, in his pleas to God, God’s answer was to stop time from moving forward. Joshua could not get out of what he needed to face. He had to sit in it.

And I do too. I needed to face having a biopsy and the possible outcomes it could bring.  In all of it though and as difficult as it was, Joshua learned (as do I) that all we need do is turn to God. Joshua’s lesson and my reminder is to stay with God, trust God and know that God is forever near.


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