Holy Saturday

A mother weeps

I can only imagine the pain and horror Mary experienced watching her son die. There simply are no words that can properly capture and reflect the loss of a child, let alone one that is happening right before her eyes, outside her reach, without her ability to intervene. What an absolute helpless, tragic and debilitating sight.

We are left here with that empty… pit-of-your-stomach…feeling like we experience when we see pictures of victims piled on top of each other during the Holocaust or Meja Massacre…Surely this not what we are capable of? This is madness, insanity! Someone needs to do something. Someone needs to pay.

So why is it, every year, at this time…we revisit this? Yes. There is the Last Supper where Jesus breaks bread and washes the feet of his followers. Yes there is the resurrection to come with Jesus defying death, rising to live….But let us not forget, lets not roll over this, the tragedy of it. It is a truth too… The pain, the loss, the inescapable weight of it.


About Rev Hope

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