Do women just need to grow a pair?

Do women just need to grow a pair?

Move over men. According to “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg women have access to the same negotiating privilege men have benefited by in the past. She claims that what stands in our way is our inability to ask for it, our inability to see our full worth… Really?

Last night (3/10/13) on 60 minutes they interviewed the author who is a Harvard University graduate and a billionaire (because she works at Facebook).

Let’s get real…..I’d be, at least a millionaire if I worked at Facebook – any who work there are much more likely to be one than any who work elsewhere… After all, its Facebook!

It doesn’t take a genius (nor one with great negotiation powers) to get handsomely rewarded at a place like Facebook… its LUCK. I am sure the skills used at Facebook are not unique to any used at other successful companies, they’re just being used at Facebook….

Wake up! We are riding a Facebook bubble… It too will trend out! Just think, just yesterday… HP, Microsoft, MySpace, etc…. were hot and now they’re not.

According to this author all women need to succeed (and mind you this is according to the definition of success extolled by the billionaire class) is to suck-it-up, be tough and demand our place and our reward within the workplace.

No, it isn’t the job, the lack of opportunity, the real-life balancing act managed – it’s us! Apparently it is us who are holding us back….Do we women just need to grow a pair?

I really do not know what is more angering:
1) Is it blaming women without real knowledge of their struggle?
2) Is it the imbalanced reporting provided by 60 minutes? After all, they didn’t in turn, interview a woman who by all accounts, is doing what she can to get by. They didn’t seek the average woman to see what she has to say…
3) Is it the worldview that any who are lucky enough to land – a privileged education and a privileged job (at one of the most innovative revolutionary companies that exist today) has the audacity to think these privileges give some unique wisdom transferable to the rest “in-the-trench” working women in America?

Really? Is this supposed to be a move-over Dorothy Day, here is the next generation of women seeking justice?

Not only do I believe this is out of touch with the real plight of the average American woman, I think this is out of touch with the average American man. Men by and large do not have this negotiating privilege suggested either.

Nope…most of us have a job that pays a wage that we get for the work. If we don’t like it? There are others waiting in line who will and that includes jobs with folks with degrees…

My sense is this book’s audience is the privilege few who live behind tall security gates, drive porsches, have housekeepers and gardeners and wouldn’t even consider coupon clipping.

To me, the odd thing is…Somehow I keep hoping for those who extremely benefit from our society, the wildly privileged and fortunate to use their great fortune to really make an impact. You see, in my view, I believe God has a unique way of working in our world and it comes through in opportunities.

I believe those that are blessed with great privilege and fortune are given an added opportunity than the rest of us and that is to demonstrate “release.”

Release? Yes. Rather than receiving to hold tight, building fortresses around self and wealth, the uniquely privileged are uniquely blessed to open themselves and their wealth to make a real impact in this world!

– Imagine no more hungry children.
– Imagine no more trafficking victims.
– Imagine immunizations for children everywhere and clean drinking water too.

Some say I am a dreamer…but I think it could be true.

Imagine, if for just a moment, the good that really could come from exorbitant wealth? After all, “what you did for the least of these, you do to me.”*

*Matthew 25:45 NRSV, (paraphrased)


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